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February 2011 - News from UK Circumnavigators Club

2010-2011 Circumnavigators Club Foundation Travel- Study Grant Programme with University of Liverpool.



L-R Standing: Jane Forster, Greg Rider, Helen Jenkins, Lady Sheila Newby, Sir Howard Newby, Dr Paul Redmond


L-R Seated: Robert A Simpson, Charlotte Tamplin, Claire Wormald, Mohammad Malam




As UK Chapter President of the Circumnavigators Club I was invited to serve last week on a panel with Sir Howard and Lady Newby, Vice Chancellor of University of Liverpool and his wife Sheila, who are both new members of the Circumnavigators Club, Greg Rider, President of Circumnavigators Club Foundation and Jane Forster from Careers and Employability Services at University of Liverpool. The purpose of the meeting was to interview four undergraduate students on their proposed round the world research work to decide who would be recipient of the first UK grant of $9,000.




The award was possible because a former student, Friend of the University and former Executive Director of the Circumnavigators Club W Jack Roberts had left a substantial gift to the University in his will.




Jack had graduated from the School of Naval Architecture of University of Liverpool in 1931. In his working life he was Ship’s Surveyor for Lloyd’s registry and lived in New York.




It was Lady Sheila Newby who contacted Helen Jost our former Executive Director in New York and the idea was formed to award the UK foundation grant.




There has been a terrific amount of planning and preparation at the Liverpool in order to whittle down the original applicants to the final four.




The submissions were to include


·         the students relevance to furthering global understanding


·         Plans for a ten week continuous travel outside the UK in a single direction and rationale for the countries chosen


·         Plan of study


·         Relevance of study to student’s field of academic interests.




The four finalists were;




Mohammed Malam: Sustainable & Renewable Energy Approach in the Developed and Developing Nations.



Robert A Simpson: Decisions and Freedoms: Literacy and Democracy in Developing Countries



 Claire Wormald: English in the Commonwealth- Does the English language still have a place in the Commonwealth




Charlotte Tamplin: What are the effects of globalisation on architectural styles within the cities world-wide.






Every presentation was excellent and of a very high standard. All students agreed that even the preparation and interview experience had been extremely beneficial to them.




It was a very hard job deciding who should be the grant recipient and to follow on their research, prepare a paper on this and be an ambassador for both the University and Circumnavigators Club.




The eventual decision was to award Robert A Simpson the grant. Also the University has offered Claire Wormald an opportunity to travel to the university in China which is part of the University of Liverpool to continue her research into the use of English language and be an ambassador for the University both home and abroad.




There is no doubt that strong ties are being forged with the University with regards to both the UK Chapter of the Circumnavigators Club and the annual Foundation Grant.




Everyone we met was so enthusiastic and helpful. My special thanks on behalf of the Circumnavigators Club are to Sir Howard and Lady Sheila Newby and Dr Paul Redmond Head of Careers and Employability Services without whom none of this would have happened.




Helen Jenkins




UK Chapter President Circumnavigators Club










See below for previous News:


February 2011

Circumnavigator Charline Evans from the UK Chapter recently visited the New York and Washington DC Chapters. Charline shared tales of her 1st and 2nd Circumnavigation Around the World with stories from and

New York Circumnavigators Club Chapter

Washington DC Chapter

Charline said: " She was overwhelmed by the welcome that she recieved by both chapters. It was invigorating and inspirational to hear the stories and adventures of so many well travelled people" She looks forward to welcoming some of the USA Chapter members to London in October 2011

December 2010 - Lunch at the House of Lords

December 2010 sees the Circumnavigators Club UK House of Lords Lunch at Westminster with guests from The Circumnavigators Club UK and Friends of the Circumnavigators Club.

The Lunch was hosted by Lord Faulkner of Worcester and attended by UK Patron the Earl of Inchcape and UK President Helen Jenkins.

We were delighted that Peter Mosse who is a member of the Circumnavigators Board of Govenors had flown in from New York to join us.

Guest speakers included Richard Parkes Tori James and Charline Evans

Guests were updated on the two new exciting challenges to circumnavigate the globe. Richard Parkes pioneering 7 month race to climb the highest mountain on each of the world’s continents and venture to The South and Geographical North Poles

Leaving December 12th 2010

and Charline Evans' New Challenge Circumnavigating for Change

Leaving December 3rd 2010

" Luck be with them "

A Joyous occassion was had by all and we look forward to new developments, new challenges and new Circumnavigations in 2011


Come Join us in 2011

















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